TRU Student and Former KFS Employee Gives voice to Indigenous Art Overseas

July 4, 2023

Art has long been an important part of Shoshana Wilson’s life. Guided by her father, well-known Haisla artist Barry Wilson, the Thompson Rivers University (TRU) Indigenous student (and former KFS employee) found her voice — and her way — through drawing.

Blackfish (on display at the Paramount Theatre)

When Wilson was recently given the opportunity to share her work in Japan, through TRU’s Field Course in Geography (GEOG 3700) course, she was excited.

“My classmates and I were looking for gifts to give to people while we were over there and then one of the student’s suggested we gift First Nations art,” says Wilson. “I told them I’m a First Nations artist, so then my teacher, Tom Waldichuk, was all over it.”

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