Kamloops Independent Short Shorts (KISS) Film Fest

The KISS Film Fest is a celebration of the short film format and local filmmakers.

The Kamloops Film Society has been encouraging local filmmakers through the KISS Festival for a number of years. Talented local directors and the audience are annually treated to the excitement of seeing the 5 minute long (or shorter) films on the big screen at the Paramount Theatre (503 Victoria Street) as part of the Kamloops Film Festival held in March. Cash prizes for winners are awarded by the KISS Committee, the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission, and the Kamloops Arts Council.

This event is our way of celebrating the hard work and passion of our regional talent. Come support these films and filmmakers from our community by attending the FREE screenings. Plus, vote for the Audience Awards!!

Entries for KISS 2024 are now open! Submissions will be due February 19, 2024, with the FREE screenings on Sunday, March 3.


The Kamloops Independent Short Shorts (KISS) Film Fest happened on Sunday, March 5. We had a great turnout with over 150 audience members. One of the best ever!! Check out this years winners:

1st Prize (Shared):If Anything Happens I Love You” from Izzy Filyk
1st Prize (Shared): To Say Goodbye” from Axel Hansen     
3rd Prize:Celiac” from Dan Ondang, Andrew Robertson & Adrian Romeo 
KAC Youth Prize (Shared): “If Anything Happens I Love You” from Izzy Filyk
KAC Youth Prize (Shared):To Say Goodbye” from Axel Hansen
Audience Award:Remake of a Scene from Spider-man 2”  from Scott McLeod

1st Prize: Purpose” from Christo Vutev   
2nd Prize:Alone in the Dark” from Brandon Giddens    
3rd Prize:Sleeping Pills” from Kyle Robertson   
Audience Award:Purpose” from Christo Vutev

TNFC Prize:I Am Change” from Reno Anastasio
Jury Prize for Best Artsy Inception:Spaghetti” from Adrian Romeo
Jury Prize for Best Showcasing of Downtown Kamloops:Magic, 24 frames per second” from Debleen Majumdar & Ashik George Thomas
TNFC Lottery Prize:Clean” from Zack Fernstrom


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Filmmaking Resources: HERE
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