Rent The Theatre

Just picture it – you, your loved ones, and the enchanting Paramount Theatre. Whether it’s a lively family party, or a gathering with friends or colleagues, we’ve got you covered! Watch a movie, bring your gaming console for some big-screen fun, or do both!

Standard Package:
$225 for up to 4 people

  • 3 hours of theatre time
  • 2 Large Bags of popcorn/ 4 Small Bags of Popcorn
  • 2 large drinks/ 4 small drinks
  • 2 large candies / or 4 small candies

Additional Guests:

  • Up to 10 guests – $25/person
  • 11 – 30 guests – $20/person
  • 31 – 50 guests – $15/person
  • Additional time – $75/hour

For over 50 attendees, please contact us at for custom rental packages.


  • Slots will be confirmed based on Paramount Theatre’s schedule. We have our regular scheduled screenings on Fridays and Saturday evenings.
  • Booking request at least two weeks in advance for <50 attendees
  • Additional charges may apply for bookings starting before 9 a.m. and concluding after 11 p.m.

Film and Gaming Requirements:

  • Bring your Blu-ray/DVD or choose from our MovieMart collection ($10)
  • For gaming, bring your console (HDMI-capable) and games (setup time included in 3 hours)

At the Kamloops Film Society, we strive to provide an optimal viewing experience for our audience. However, we have encountered challenges in connecting Apple products and adapters to our projectors, particularly when showcasing movies or video games.

To ensure seamless presentations, we recommend avoiding the use of Apple products and adapters. Instead, we advise using Microsoft products or HDMI to HDMI connections for the best compatibility with our projection systems.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • Reschedule possible before 5 working days (based on availability), deposit carried forward
  • Cancellations within 5 working days can be rescheduled, but deposit forfeited
  • Special case-by-case considerations may apply


  • Required for public events or events of >50 people
  • $2 million Commercial General Liability insurance naming Kamloops Film Society as additional insured
  • Private bookings (<50 people) may require insurance based on event nature

Booking Process:

  1. Fill and submit the Online Form.
  2. Receive a Booking Confirmation email.
  3. $100 deposit required within 24 hours (eTransferred to
  4. Rest of the payment details in Booking Confirmation.

Payment Methods:

  • eTransfer
  • Cheques
  • Cash (only during Paramount open hours)
  • Credit cards (at tills during Paramount open hours or phone with 3.5% service fee)

Looking forward to hosting you at the Paramount! Ready to book? Fill out our online form below!

Paramount Private Screening

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What date are you looking to book?

Please note we need 2 weeks' notice.

Booking information

Enter the number of extra hours.
Will you be?
If watching a film, you can either bring your DVD/BluRay or we can find one for you in our MovieMart Library (at a charge of $10). If playing video games, you will need to supply the console and the games. We will provide the HDMI port to plug into our projector and sound system. If watching a film, we will source the film, if we can, on your behalf.
Will you be bringing your own movie?
We can source the movie from our MovieMart selection at a cost of $10 per movie.
Do you need tables and chairs?
Let us know who is coming, if it’s a special occasion, or any other pertinent details.

Payment and Terms & Conditions

A $100 deposit is required (eTransferred to within 24 hours of receiving the Booking Confirmation. The last date for the rest of your payment will be mentioned in your Booking Confirmation email.

We accept payments through eTransfer, cheques, cash (only during the Paramount open hours), and credit cards (either at the tills during the Paramount open hours or on the phone for a 3.5% service fee)

The booker is required to agree to the following terms to move forward with the booking.

  1. I am responsible and liable for ensuring that the entire group follows the rules of the venue.
  2. I understand that no alcohol, cigarettes, vape products, and/or drugs are allowed at the Paramount Theatre and that no members of my group are to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If found in violation of this, the guests will be asked to leave by the staff.
  3. I understand that I will be charged for any damage or excessive mess caused by my group and am legally obligated to pay.
  4. I understand that no outside food or drinks are allowed without informing the Paramount management beforehand.
  5. I will be in attendance or I will drop off and pick up the attendees and be available via cell phone throughout the booking/event.
  6. I understand that if there are any children under the age of 13 attending, there must be at least one adult present for the entire duration of the booking/event. Any supervisory adults will be counted in the attendee numbers and must be paid for regardless of whether or not they want the concessions package.
  7. I understand that if any rules are breached, we will be asked to leave the theatre and no refund will be offered.
  8. I have read and understand the cancellation and refund rules.
Do you accept these terms and conditions?
Please review your booking request for accuracy before submission. Thank you!