The Kamloops Film Society is purchased MovieMart, a beloved store with over 25,000 films kept for the communities enjoyment. We have plans to reopen MovieMart in the Paramount Theatre lobby, however we are a small team and with so many films, it’s taking a while to process! In the meantime, we’ve been having sales on Thursdays and Fridays from 12-6pm. For now it’s just VHS sales, however there will be a DVD/Bluray sale as well!

Do you have old DVDs, Blurays, and/or VHS tapes to donate? Drop them off at the Paramount during open hours and we’ll happily take them!

Check out the latest news:

“Up to 5,000 VHS cassettes are up for sale in Kamloops as part of an ongoing plan to make space for a new video rental store in the Paramount Theatre.

The sale will appeal to movie lovers, collectors of vintage pieces and those who are nostalgic for the clunky cassettes and titles of the past. That’s enough movies that you could watch them back to back for a whole year.”