COVID-19 Safety Rules & Regulations

The Paramount Theatre will be checking for proof of vaccination starting on September 13th. This means all patrons coming into the Paramount Theatre will need their proof of vaccination, as well as Government issued I.D. If you cannot prove your vaccination, you will not be allowed into the theatre.

For more information on the vaccine passport, please click here

The Twin Rivers Drive in will not need proof of vaccination.

For Patrons:

  • As much as we’d love your company, patrons are asked to NOT visit the Paramount Theatre if they have any of the following symptoms:
    • Fever
    • Chills
    • New or worsening cough
    • Shortness of breath
    • New muscle aches or headache
    • Sore throat
    • Have travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days
    • Are in close contact of a person who tested positive for COVID-19
  • Any staff member also has the authority to ask any patron displaying COVID-19 symptoms to leave the premises.
  • Masks are mandatory in the Paramount Theatre. Once seated, patrons may remove their masks if they are eating/ drinking.
    • Disposable masks will be provided, but we encourage patrons to bring their own.
  • Patrons are asked to send only one person from their party to purchase tickets and/or concession items.
  • Patrons are asked to maintain 6’ (2m) of distance from other patrons/ staff whenever possible.
  • If a backlog of people occurs, please create an orderly line on the sidewalk adjacent to 5th Avenue, ensuring that you are 6’ (2m) apart.
  • For KFS screenings, doors will open 30min before showtime. Please DO NOT arrive any earlier than this time.
  • We will need the name and phone number of anyone attending an event/ screening at the Paramount Theatre. If buying online, this information is provided in the buying process. If buying tickets in person, this information will need to be provided.
    • This information will be kept in case contact tracing is necessary.
  • Though cash is accepted, patrons are encouraged to use contactless payment such as credit or debit.
  • Patrons are encouraged to dispose of their own garbage after the show to assist our staff with the added cleaning procedures now in place.

Staff / Volunteers:

  • It is mandatory for volunteers and staff to wear masks unless they are seated and eating in a Theatre seat.
  • Point of sale staff will be sanitizing their hands between transactions.
  • Popcorn staff will be wearing gloves and will sanitize hands if they touch themselves or their mask.
  • Contactless temperature checks will be done for all staff and volunteers before every shift.
    • Anyone with a fever will be sent home automatically
  • Before every shift, staff and volunteers will need to state whether they have any symptoms, have been near anyone with symptoms, or whether they should be in quarantine (after travel for example). If any of these apply, they will be sent home immediately.
  • No volunteers will be assisting in the concession.
  • There will be no storage area available for volunteer’s coats, bags, etc.
  • Volunteer aprons will be sanitized after every use.
  • Volunteers will not be required to assist with cleanup after the film.
    • If they choose to, it will be mandatory that they wear provided gloves.
  • We increased the number of employees and decreased the number of volunteers per shift, for an ultimate drop in total people required to run a shift.

The Venue:

  • For the concession lineup, we have used stanchions to create a path for both patrons looking to purchase items from concession and for patrons looking to cross over.
    • Only one patron at a time is allowed in the crossover path.
    • Floor decals indicate spots that are 6’ (2m) away from other patrons in line.
  • Flagging Tape has been used to section of seats in both theatres to create social distanced seating.
    • Groups of 2-6 can find spots to sit together in both theatres.
    • A patron from one group never needs to pass in front of a seated patron in the same row from another group.
  • Sanitizer has been made accessible throughout the theatre and patrons are encouraged to use it as much as they feel comfortable.
  • Plexiglass has been added at the concession to further protect the staff and patrons.
  • We will not be using the self serve kiosk for the time being.


  • High touch areas will be sanitized multiple times per event/ screening.
  • Each of our theatres is limited to 50 patrons per screening.
  • The men’s washroom is limited to 2 patrons.
  • The women’s washroom is limited to 3 patrons.
  • Theatres will be cleaned after each use with industrial sanitizer using our Sanitizing Gun, which can spray hard surfaces and fabric. 10 minutes after application, all sprayed areas are sanitized.
  • For KFS screenings, we will not be scanning tickets unless there is a discrepancy. We will be checking patrons in by name so we can keep social distance.
  • Only bottled beverages are currently being served. Our fountain pop service has been suspended for the time being.
  • Salt packets are only available by request.