Twin Rivers Drive-In

Sep. 25 & 26

Twin Rivers Drive-In Rules & Regulations

The Twin Rivers Drive-In Consortium Group is a collection of local businesses and non-profit groups that are adjusting their operations to meet all government, Interior Health and WorkSafe BC regulations with respect to physical-distancing and hygiene to resurrect the Kamloops Drive-in experience. We are grateful to provide an opportunity to our community to enjoy one of the few forms of family entertainment that can be appreciated without having to leave the safety of your vehicle. Your compliance is mandatory.

The following procedures have been put into place to safeguard your health.

Patrons found not complying with these guidelines will be issued a warning. Upon a second infraction, they will be asked to leave and will no longer be welcomed back to the Twin Rivers Drive-In.

Please do not attend the Twin Rivers Drive-in if you:

  • Have any of the following symptoms:
    • Fever
    • Chills
    • New or worsening cough
    • Shortness of breath
    • New muscle aches or headache
    • Sore throat
  • Have travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days
  • Are a close contact of a person who tested positive for COVID-19

All Patrons are asked to please wash your hands or clean them with hand sanitizer before and after your visit. Please maintain physical distancing of 2 meters.

How to book and pay for your tickets:

Tickets can only be purchased online. – all patrons must present their printed ticket upon arrival.

There will be no at-the-gate sales. Your ticket is valid for both movie showings. Your ticket guarantees your entry, but not a specific spot.


McArthur Island Sports Centre in the south-facing parking lot.

What time does the movie start?

Start times are dependant on the length of the films and the timing of sundown. See the “buy tickets” page to see the approximate start time of the evening you’re hoping to attend.

Does the movie play in the rain?

Yes. Rain, wind or shine the show will go on.

Can I get in to see the second movie if the first movie is sold out?

No, all tickets purchased are valid for both shows. There are no single show viewings at this time.

If you only wish to watch the second showing, admittance will be allowed during intermission from approximately 11:15pm-11:30pm.

If arriving for the second film only, please wait at the gate with your lights off until event organizers bring you in for the second half.

Can I get in after the show starts?

Gates will be open for admittance approximately 30 minutes before the first showing and during intermission, from approximately 11:15-11:30pm. You will not be able to enter once either film is playing. Though you may exit any time.

Can I bring my RV/Camper/Trailer?

No, with enhanced restrictions and vehicle limitations in place, we are unable to provide space for these types of vehicle add-ons.

I have friends arriving later, can I save them the spot next to mine?

No, parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Further, Interior Health has mandated that patrons must stay in their vehicles at all times, except to use the washrooms. If folks are found to be visiting between sites, they will be issued a warning. If the incident should happen again, they will be asked to leave and will no longer be welcome at the Twin Rivers Drive-In.

What about alcohol or cannabis?

It is illegal to operate a vehicle under the influence of any substance.

Alcohol cannot be consumed in a public place unless special licensing has been issued. As we do not have a liquor license, we ask you to please leave alcoholic substances at home.

Under the Cannabis Act of BC, the use of cannabis is prohibited at: playgrounds, sport fields, vehicles.


Smoking and vaping is only permitted within the confines of your own vehicle.

Will there be concession or food trucks?

No, Interior Health guidelines are prohibiting patrons to drive-in events to leave their vehicle for any reason, expect to use washrooms.

My car has daytime running lights, what should I do?

Most daytime running lights will turn off when your emergency brake has been engaged. Shut your vehicle off, set the emergency parking brake, then turn your vehicle back on. Please make sure you “test” your vehicle before the movie starts so that your lights do not come on if you need to start your vehicle during the movie.

Will there be washrooms available?

Yes, the McArthur Island Complex externally accessible men’s and women’s washrooms will be open. Please see the Drive-In Traffic Control Map below to see where they are located.

Are my tickets refundable?

All tickets are non-refundable, however ticket upgrades to include more people will be allowed up to 24 hours prior to the day-of-show.

Contact the Kamloops Film Society at to make a change.

What time do the gates open?

Gates will open 30 minutes prior to the posted showtime. Please have your ticket ready to show at the gate to ensure timely entry.

Please note that there will be no admittance after the movie has started.

Do I have to stay for both movies?

No, you can leave after the first show if you would like or only attend the second showing.


Each car will be given 20 feet of parking space. You will need to park in the middle of the allocated parking space, and will not be permitted to move once parked. Patrons must stay in their vehicles except to use the washroom facilities. Patrons will not be allowed to sit outside of their vehicles, but turning your vehicle around and sitting in the back will be permitted.

Can I sit on the grass or in a lawn chair?

No, Interior Health has provided strict guidelines surrounding drive-in protocol and has mandated that patrons must stay in their vehicles at all times, except to use the washrooms.

Can I park backwards?

Yes, you can pull in backwards and sit in the back of your vehicle. However, you must remain within the middle of your parking stall and be in your vehicle. Patrons must stay in their vehicle unless to use the washroom.

Can I bring my own food?

Please do! As Interior Health guidelines are currently prohibiting concessions at drive-in events, we encourage patrons to bring your favourite snacks from home, stop and pick them up along the way or order take-out from one of your local favourite restaurants. Not sure who is open for pick up – we’ve got a list HERE.

Please note that all food items must be prepared in advance of attendance. BBQ’s and other outdoor cooking devices are prohibited.

If you are bringing any items with disposable packaging, please take your garbage home with you.

Can I bring my pet?

No, McArthur Island is not a pet-friendly park. Please leave your furry friend at home.

If your pet is a Government Certified Animal, they will be permitted, but you will be asked to present your government issued ID.

Will leaving the radio on kill my battery? If so, what should I do?

Leaving your radio on should not kill your battery. Most cars have an auxiliary mode that will allow the radio to run and draw very little power from the battery. Simply turn off your vehicle, leave your key in the ignition and turn the key back towards you.

If your vehicle does not have an auxiliary mode, simply start your vehicle during intermission to make sure it’s still alive.

If your battery is dead, we will have jumper cables onsite.

Questions and Concerns Contact:

Kamloops Film Society
Phone: 236-425-3456

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