Private Screenings

2 People – $150 + GST

2.5 hours of theatre time
2 large bags of popcorn
2 bottled drinks
1 large bag of candy

6 People – $225 + GST

2.5 hours of theatre time
6 small bags of popcorn
6 bottled drinks
6 small candies

Upgrades and additions available, including added time, added attendees, and extra food/drinks.

Private Booking Availability

Availability based on the Paramount Theatre schedule.

October: The KFS is running Thursdays to Saturdays so it is best to book Sundays to Wednesdays unless you are okay with quite early or quite late.

November: Same as October.

Any time of day is considered.

For more information and bookings, please see our Private Screenings Questionnaire form below.

Film Availability

You can bring in your own Blu-ray/ DVD, or we can source one for you. It may also be possible for you to bring in your own laptop (with HDMI connection capabilities) to stream content. If gaming, please bring in your own console (with HDMI connection capabilities) and games

To Book Your Event

Please fill out the Private Screenings Questionnaire form linked below and email it to One of our staff will be in touch.