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25 Years Later… Where Are We Now?

Over 25 years ago, the very first Kamloops Film Festival was born. An excellent, like-minded group of people running the Kamloops Film Society was approached to put on what was […]

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scene from Jurassic Park

How to Make Jurassic Park Work Again

1993’s Jurassic Park, based on the 1989 science fiction horror novel by Michael Crichton generally follows the plot, but makes a number of little changes in adaptation. The book contains […]

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Group photo

An Unexpected Journey: Emily’s Road to #KFF2021

My best friend Avery tells me often that I’m in the “perfect job” because I’ve always had such a passion for movies. Even though she’s told me this numerous times, […]

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Nancy Meyers

An Ode to Nancy Meyers

This pandemic has changed the way I look at movies. I’ve always looked to film for comfort, and this past year was no exception. Movies became an escape from reality, […]

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Book cover collage

Emily’s Top 5 Books to Movies Adaptation List

Below are 5 books that I think would make great movie/TV adaptations. Since this is obviously my best-case-scenario for an adaptation, I’ll just assume that any company that would “hypothetically” […]

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