Art Fundraiser

Local Artist, Hamish Plommer, has generously donated 9 of his modern, multi-media art pieces to the Kamloops Film Society so they can be sold to raise funds for the organization. Photos of the pieces, as well as information and pricing are below. If interested in purchasing a piece, please email the KFS at or call us at 236-425-3456. This Art Fundraiser will be going until January 31, 2021 or until all of the pieces are sold. Support Local!

Bracelets (SOLD)

Appearance: 15 differently-coloured acrylic squares inside natural wooden frame….with embellishments.
Materials: Hardwood squares, ribbon, shoulder hooks, dowelling
Dimensions: 59 cm. width x 44 cm. height
Weight: 6 pounds
Price: $200

Clockwise Spools

Appearance:   Spools and twine on green acryliced plywood back ground with yellow trim
Dimensions: 126 cm. width x 64 cm. height
Weight: 20.5 pounds
Price: $350


Appearance: Multi-coloured yarns attached to orange acrylic back ground on heavy plywood. Frame composed of four different colours.
Dimensions: 85 cm. width x 63 cm. height
Weight: 12 pounds
Price: $250

Primary School

Appearance: Bright-coloured acrylic geometric shapes on heavy plywood.
Dimensions: 176 cm. width x 82 cm. height
Weight: 35.5 pounds
Price: $300

Silver Lining

Appearance: Five rows of whitish/greyish balls of yarn suspended in an acryliced wooden “box”.
Dimensions: 92 cm. width x 49 cm. high x 14 cm. depth
Weight: 31 pounds
Price: $450

Spool Circuit Board

Appearance: Spools and yarn attached to bluish acryliced thick plywood with blue-ish frame.
Dimensions: 117 cm. width x 56 cm. height
Weight: 18.5 pounds
Price: $250

String, Sticks and Screws

Appearance: Old screws affixed to heavy plywood, joined by a webbing of twine
Dimensions: 56 cm. width  x 71 cm. height
Weight: 10.5 pounds
Price: $150

Sun-Surrounded Squiggles

Appearance: Multi-coloured yarn affixed to brownish acrylic background. Pale yellow frame.
Dimensions: 131 cm. width x 54 cm. height.
Weight: 15.5 pounds
Price: $300

Outdoor Duplo

Appearance: “Duplo” pieces on background of primary-ish acrylic on heavy plywood.  Yellow Frame.
Dimensions: 126 cm. width x 76 cm. height
Weight: 30 pounds
Price: $250
Caveat: This piece spent 1 season nailed to our shed.  It has been patched and cleaned up, but is not perfect. Outside in indirect light would be a good place for it.  I have always thought that a good “icebreaker” at an adult party would involve giving guests a big bag of Duplo, then having them build onto this piece (while drinking). 

About the Artist

Hamish on ice.

“The artist,” Hamish Plommer, has lived in Kamloops for nearly 40 years, and has been a long time Kamloops Film Society Member.  He was also a KFS committee member back in the 1980’s, around the time that the Society moved from Cariboo College to The Paramount. 

Hamish has recently retired from work as a Human Service Worker and Horticulturist.  Kamloopsians may recognize Hamish from such places as Art Knapp’s, Gardengate, Interior Health, “Happy Scotsman Farm,” and the soccer field.

Hamish does not call himself “an artist.”  Nevertheless, since retiring, he has created “ten or twelve” multi-media works of “something like art.”   His art career was launched unintentionally, when, about two years ago, he found “an insanely cheap garbage bag full of Duplo Blocks” at the St. Vincent De Paul thrift store.  A quick determination that “no child would see the same value in those Duplo Blocks” led straight to his first creation.

Many of the pieces involve bright, primaryish geometric acrylic colours, “maybe a reaction to a childhood where ‘good taste’ and natural wood were a little too holy.”  Many of the works have been created in a basement room, where The Business News Channel, playing in the background, provides “that artist” with “just that little bit of extra inspiration.”